Monster of the Week: The Adlet

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Created on Friday, 10 December 2010 Written by Steve

Also Known As: Erqigdlit, Wolfman

Description: The adlet looks like the classic “wolfman” of movie fame. The creature stands between six and eight feet tall and has human-like hands ending in sharp claws.

Wolfman by Mark KidwellBMA Classification: Adlets are vicious creatures and are classified as monsters by the Bureau of Monster Affairs.

Powers: Adlets are incredibly strong and ferocious and are able to regenerate damage.

Vulnerabilities: Adlets are vulnerable to fire (which terrifies them) and silver.

Biology and Habitat: Except for their regenerative abilities and the fact that they walk on two legs, adlets behave very much like regular wolves. Adlets are slightly smarter than regular wolves--roughly as intelligent as some lower primates--and are capable of simple tool use. They live and hunt in packs, relying on superior numbers to take down prey. The creatures are omnivorous, but prefer a diet of meat. According to legend, adlets are especially fond of human flesh and enjoy drinking human blood, but there is no research to back up this supposed preference.

Adlets seem to prefer cold weather and are most often encountered in the forests of Canada and the Pacific Northwest. However, they seem to be perfectly capable of surviving warmer temperatures and have been encountered farther south, most often in mountainous areas.


  • The earliest known encounter of adlets by European settlers occurred in Quebec in 1654. According to a journal attributed to a Jesuit missionary, the creatures descended on a French settlement near what is now Montreal, killing all but around 20 of the settlers, who were able to escape on horseback.
  • Livestock is frequently found killed and partially devoured  in the area around Vermont’s Green Mountains, especially during the winter. Experts believe that an adlet pack from farther north may hunt here during the colder parts of the year, but this theory has not been verified.
  • Reports of adlet sightings or activity are common in the Pacific Nothwest, especially the Olympic Mountains area. M-Force believes that between three and eight different packs regularly hunt the area.
  • In 1993, M-Force was called to investigate livestock disappearances in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and discovered that adlets were responsible. M-Force believes that it eliminated the entire pack, and no further adlet activity has been reported.
  • In 2009, M-Forcers in Union County, Georgia tracked and killed a small pack of adlets. This is the farthest south the creatures have been reported.

Additional Information: According to Inuit legend, adlets were born to a woman who married a dog. While this seems highly unlikely, the adlet’s werewolf-like regenerative powers and vulnerability to silver leads some experts to theorize  that the species may be the result of cross-breeding between a lycanthrope in wolf form and a normal wolf.

Body: 15
Brain:  7
Job: Hunter (14)
Gimmick: Regeneration (15)--Adlets automatically regenerate 3 H.P. per round, but cannot regenerate damage from silver weapons or fire. If an Adlet takes more than 10 H.P. of damage from a single attack, make a Gimmick roll. If the roll fails, that damage cannot be regenerated.
Weakness: Afraid of Fire (15)--Adlets must overcome their Weakness in order to attack anyone carrying a torch or other open flame or near a large fire (such as a bonfire). In addition, a Weakness roll may be required when an adlet enounters a fire-based weapon, explosion, or other unexpected fire. If the roll fails, the adlet will try to flee.
Skills: Keen Senses +3
Armor Rating: 2
Damage Bonus:  +3 (claws & teeth)
HP: 15
Yum Yums: 0

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Monster of the Week: The Adlet.
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