Monster of the Week: Electric Linguine

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Created on Thursday, 04 November 2010 Written by Quinn Library Archives

Also Known As: Galaxi-worms.

Description: “Electric Linguine” is the colorful name for an extraterrestrial life form that crashed to earth with Galaxikhan in 1958.  Spawning from microbes found in or on Galaxikhan’s body, the creatures rapidly adapted to life on Earth, and have developed into a serious menace.  Electric Linguine typically appears in small clusters of writhing strands, each typically eight inches in length and emitting an orange glow.  It is capable of movement, but is not intelligent in any sense of the word.  It merely responds to outside stimuli, seeking only to feed and grow.

BMA Classification: Electric Linguine is listed on the BMA’s Official Monster List.

Powers: If violently handled, struck, or even approached too closely, Electric Linguine will generate an electrical discharge to defend itself. The intensity of the discharge varies with the number of strands in a cluster.  While a single strand will only yield a mild shock, even a medium-sized cluster can yield enough current to kill a man-sized target.  Larger clusters have been observed to discharge sufficient energy to liquefy metals.  Oddly, the larger the creature gets, the more sensitive it becomes and the more likely it is to discharge energy at anything that approaches.

Vulnerabilities: Electric Linguine can be killed with conventional weapons and incendiaries, but attacking any large concentration of strands will result in a catastrophic electrical discharge, unless precautions are taken to divert it to a suitable ground.  Local electrical utilities will generally have the personnel and equipment to implement the necessary precautions, and consultation with them is strongly encouraged during any Electric Linguine infestation.

Biology and Habitat: Electric Linguine clusters feed on ambient electromagnetic energy, including heat, sunlight, and even the faint emanations from power lines.  Infestations will generally be found near sources of electricity or heat, though sometimes a cluster will seem to display a fondness for a particular portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as microwaves or near-infrared light.  When a strand has absorbed sufficient energy, it reproduces by asexual budding.  The newly formed strands immediately begin feeding as well, giving the organisms an exponential growth rate.  A single cluster can overrun a city in a matter of days if left unchecked.

Sightings: As noted previously, these creatures first appeared on earth as “cosmic hitch-hikers” of Galaxikhan in 1958, and have been occasionally spotted throughout the Southwest ever since.

Additional Information: None

Body: 1/Strand
Brain: 2
Job: Energy Leech (10) -- On a successful roll, the creature is able to absorb enough energy to reproduce.  The creature may receive a bonus if it’s in a particularly energy rich environment.
Gimmick: Electrical Zap (12) -- Damage depends on the number of strands in a pile, and is typically one point of damage for every ten strands.
Weakness: Easily Rent (12)—Roll when attacked with an edged or fragmentation weapon.  If the Weakness takes effect, the pile treats its defense roll as 0.  Each point of damage inflicted destroys one strand in the pile under attack.
Skills: None
Armor Rating: 0
Damage Bonus: 0
HP: Body
Yum Yums: 0

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Monster of the Week: Electric Linguine.
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