Fratboy of the Week: The Jock

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Created on Thursday, 11 March 2010 Written by Steve

The jock is usually portrayed as a big, dumb, walking pile of testosterone. Although some jocks are capable of higher thought, these often disguise whatever mental abilities they have with over-the-top machismo and copious application of alcohol. The jock's status on campus is directly related to his athletic ability, with star athletes receiving special treatment from students, faculty, and staff.

Physical Education

Extracurricular Activities
Most of the jock's extracurricular activities revolve around sports. Even when he's not practicing, he spends most of his time with other members of his team. They drink together, watch professional sports together, pick on nerds together, and even shower together.

The Numbers
The jock need's a high Body Number to excel at his sport of choice. Those who are particularly good often receive lots of positive reinforcement and ego placation, leading to an above average Nerve Number. Brain is the least important word for a jock.

Suggested Jobs:
Athlete, Baseball Player, Basketball Player, Center, First Baseman, Football Player, Goalie, Soccer Player, Offensive Lineman, Pitcher, Point Guard, Quarterback, Running Back, Shortstop, Swimmer, Track Star, Wide Receiver

Suggested Gimmicks:
Administrative Protection, Ain't Got Time To Bleed, Big & Strong, Coach's Favorite, Cheerleader Magnet, Fast as Lightning, Minions, Mr. Popularity, MVP, Tougher Than Leather, Wealthy Parents

Suggested Weaknesses:
Alcoholic, Anger Management Issues, Big & Dumb, Bully, Compulsive Gambler, Enemy Professor, Entitlement Issues, Hive Mind (The Team), Narcissism, Overconfident, Roid Rage, Sex Addict

Suggested Skills:
Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Brawling, Flexing, Football, Gambling, Golf, Intimidation, Jumping, Running, Pick Up Chicks, Power Drinking, Slam Dunk, Soccer, Sports Trivia, Tackle, Tennis, Weight Lifting

Ben Affleck, Larry Bagby, Abraham Benrubi, Scott Caan, Johnny Depp, Teddy Dunn, Emillio Estevez, Chris Evans, Anthony Michael Hall, Justin Hartley, Ryan Hansen, Eric Johnson, Jason Lee, Jason London, Matthew McConaughey, Eric Christian Olsen, Dennis Rodman, Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, James Van Der Beek, Vince Vaughn, Tom Welling, Thomas F. Wilson

Frat Nickname:
Hulk or Flash

Prized Possession:
Championship ball from high school.


Sample Character
Fred "The Ogre" Palowakski
Brain: 8
Nerve: 14
Job: Football Player (14)
Gimmick: Big & Strong (15)
Weakness: Anger Management Issues (15)
Skills: Brawling +3; Hulk Smash +2; Power Drinking +1
Donald Gibb
Dumb Fact: Likes candy.
Tag Line: "NERDS!"
HP: 18
YY: 3

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Fratboy of the Week: The Jock.
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