Welcome To The New Death Cookie (Again)

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Created on Saturday, 08 August 2009 Written by Steve

Well, here we are again. The fourth (or is it the fifth?) re-launch of Hex’s online magazine, The Death Cookie. This site’s been dormant for a long time, but in a way that’s a good thing. It’s given us time to actually write some articles in advance, which means we’ve got new stuff to last for a while. We’ll also be posting some of the better articles from previous editions of the Death Cookie from time to time. Hopefully the article stockpile we’ve built up will allow us to keep updating the site even when we’re busy working on the books that people actually give us money for. 

The new Death Cookie will be a lot more gaming focused than previous editions. This time around, we’re not going to be publishing political rants, diatribes about gender issues, or the erotic poetry of Ryan Trimble. Instead, we’re going to talk about gaming, specifically QAGS gaming. While we might occasionally post an article, interview or fiction piece that isn’t explicitly related to gaming, most of our content will be about rolling dice and flinging candy, and all of it will be of interest to gamers.

This particular section of the page, The Hexagrams blog, will be a regular round up of the latest news from One Hex Tower. We’ll try to post a new entry at least once a month, but may post more often if there’s a lot of interesting news. For more immediate updates, check out the Hex News feed in the right-hand column.

Aside from the Death Cookie re-launch, the big event right now is GenCon, which starts in just a few days. The Hex staff will be running 20 or so games (all located in the Hyatt) and a panel (in the Marriott) this year at the con. Hex products will be available at the Game Publishers’ Association booth in the dealers’ room. And, as always, members the Hex Staff will be available to consume massive quantities of alcohol, preferably on your tab, throughout the convention. We’re selfless like that.

We’re also hard at work on a whole bunch of different games, some of which may actually be released in the near future. Once we’ve recovered from GenCon, we’ll tell you more about what’s on the way.




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Welcome To The New Death Cookie (Again).
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