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Created on Tuesday, 22 September 2009 Written by Steve

I said that after GenCon I'd let you know more about some of the stuff we're working on here at Hex. This is a bit longer after GenCon than I'd planned, but that just helps illustrate why we don't usually give firm release dates until we've got something nearly done. Hex is very much a part-time operation, and we've all got real jobs and lives that sometimes (ok, often) interfere with writing books about paranormal high school kids and monsterploitation detectives. Also, we've learned the hard way that it's usually better to put a project on hold for a while rather than to keep slogging away after we've gotten completely burned out on the project, so sometimes things sit around "in development" for months or years before we finish them.

There are also technical difficulties, like when I write a big article about stuff we've got coming out in The Death Cookie's online editor and then lose it because my login's expired, which is what just happened to this article. Since I don't have time to re-write the whole thing, here's a briefer rundown of what we've got in the works:

Coming Soon: 

Laser Ponies: In the words of author Leighton Connor: "Laser Ponies is intended as the ultimate 80's Saturday morning cartoon for girls, one unhindered by watchdog groups or cheap animation.  In Laser Ponies, players take on the roles of intelligent ponies who live in the magical world of Panagonia.  These ponies romp, frolic, and play.  And when they need to defend themselves, they can shoot lasers out of their eyes.  These lasers can destroy rocks, and they can also kill monsters.  Every Laser Ponies game session should feature humor, magic, character interaction, and thrilling laser-blasting action." Laser Ponies is currently in the layout stage and should be released by the end of the month (possibly later this week). 

Mountains of the Moon: Sindbad In East Africa: This supplement builds upon the information in The Adventures of Sindbad to include voyages to Africa. The text and art are done and I'm working on the layout. The book should be ready for release in October. 

Coming in the Next Year (Probably): 

Orgone Nation: In the early 90s, the Russians dropped an Orgone bomb on Kansas, causing huge spikes in the nation's sexual energies.This setting, which is full of social and political satire, can be used as the basis for a conspiracy, dystopian future, or porno game. Late 2009/Early 2010

Fairy Tale/Noir (working title): This setting mixes the innocence of fairy tales (or at least their modern incarnations) with the gritty moral ambiguity of Film Noir. Late 2009/Early 2010

Sex, Lies, and Ultraspies: The Avengers (of 60s spy fame) meet The Avengers (of Marvel fame) in this game about 60's secret agents with special powers. Early 2010

Waxman's Warriors (working title): A group of sinners must escape from Hell, fight their way past the Giant Glowing Jesus and confront God Himself in this exciting adventure loosely inspired by the works of Jack T. Chick. 

The Pytheas Club: A game about Victorian era gentlemen adventurers in the service of the British Empire. 

All-Stars (working title): A game about low-budget super-heroes trying to make their names in Paradigm City. 

Coming Before The Heat Death of the Universe (We Think): 

Qerth: Journeyman Level Rules: It took us 10 years to release the first Qerth book, but we're hoping to at least cut the time in half this time around. That gives us about 2 years to finish this one...

Groovin' Zed & The Roller Kings Intergalactic Tour Book: A terrible 70's rock band gets kidnapped by an intergalactic talent scout, becomes the toast of the galaxy, and has wacky adventures. 

Champions of the Valistar: A game inspired by 80s sci-fi and fantasy cartoons. 

M-Force 2nd Edition: A better, faster stronger edition of our favorite monster hunting game (now with covers that don't disintegrate when you look at them). 

Fratboys vs.: A sourcebook that allows you to run games from the highly successful Fratboys vs. series in the comfort of your own home!

Project G: Seven people. One island. Many secrets.  

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