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Created on Tuesday, 03 January 2012 Written by Steve

Those of you who have been reading the Death Cookie since we began back in the late 90s are already familiar with the fact that for most of our history updates here have been, to say the least, irregular. While I'm not going to promise that will get any better this year (after all, Hex is a part-time company and most of our limited resources have to go towards things we can actually make a buck on), I'm at least going to attempt to update more regularly, starting right here on the Hexagrams blog.

As some of you may already know, Atlas Games has recently started a blogging project it calls Reverb Gamers, in which they provide a daily prompt for game blogging. You can find out more on the Reverb Gamers Facebook Page or their Twitter feed. Since all the cool kids are doing it*, I'm going to join in on the fun. And since the Hexagrams blog hasn't had a post in more than a year (and I'm too lazy to set up a new category), I'm going to do it right here! I'm already a few days behind, but the first post will go up today or tomorrow and I'll probably double post for a few days so I can catch up. After that, I'll try to post daily but, as usual, I make absolutely no guarantees or promises. I'm also trying to talk some of the other Hex guys into getting involved, either here or on their own blogs. 

Aside from the Reverb Gamers thing, I've got several pieces of fiction that will be going up in the coming months (assuming the authors haven't gotten so tired of waiting for me to look it over that they've given up and become hobos) and will try to return to a regular Monster of the Week schedule starting next week. Beyond that, who knows?

*Note: "Cool kids" here is defined as Ryan Macklin and "presumably at least a few guys from Atlas Games."


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Welcome To The Future!.
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