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Created on Friday, 09 June 2017 Written by Steve

I'm getting ready for DieCon this weekend, so no blog this week. Instead, I've updated the stuff I'm getting together for the con. I'm using pre-gens for Team Force Alpha 37 and Wet Hot American Monsters, so for each of those you can download character sheets for the 8 pre-gens and a blank one I threw in for anyone who wants to make their own. You can download the Elevator Pitches or both games from my site and the current draft of the Cinemechanix core rules for the playtest group. For Guardians of Aetheria, I'm letting players make their own characters, so for it you just get a blank character sheet and a list of sample traits. Finally, since this will be the first time I've really run the newest rules set, I bought one of those customizable GM screens and made some inserts for it (mostly cheat sheets). You can download it all (plus a bunch of other nonsense, if you're so inclined here.

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