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Created on Friday, 02 June 2017 Written by Steve

GenCon update: Nearly all the QAGS games filled up on the first day of registration, but we've still got slots in the Cinemechanix session for anyone who wants to test out our new system!

I haven't created a new random thing generator since Christmas, so this week instead of a blog, you get a web script: The Random Conspiracy Generator! Just click the link and you'll get 10 nutty conspiracies ranging from the almost believable to the completely batfuck. Don't like them? Click the button at the bottom of the page and you'll get 10 more!

Here's a sample set:

  • An outlaw gang of robots are trying to steal an unholy automaton in order to desecrate Valhalla
  • A self-righteous league of maniacs are trying to design an evil thingamajig in order to decimate Themiscyra
  • A fiery cabal of Satanists are trying to build a high-tech god in order to open a gateway to The Tea Party
  • The Honorable Coterie of Magicians are trying to manufacture an apocryphal mathematical formula in order to subjugate The Mafia
  • A mystical syndicate of sun worshippers are trying to dominate a cyclopean space station in order to defeat The Priory of Sion
  • A powerful organization of vampires are trying to dominate a spiritual ritual in order to dominate Mu
  • A self-righteous syndicate of villains are trying to materialize a theistic artifact in order to outmaneuver John Malkovich
  • An ancient army of dead people are trying to ressurrect an extraterrestrial space station in order to persecute Mount Olympus
  • A Hell-bent brotherhood of sorcerors are trying to piece together a Faustian portal in order to blow up The Garden of Eden
  • A dedicated society of sorcerors are trying to mentaly project a Norse portal in order to outrage The IRS


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