RPGaDay2015, Part 8 (#27)

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Created on Thursday, 27 August 2015 Written by Steve

Favorite idea for merging two games into one. 

M-Force meets World of Darkness. It's not just that M-Force is about monster hunters and World of Darkness is about monsters, it's that in a lot of ways M-Force is a response to some of the convoluted assumptions of most modern supernatural games, especially the idea that monsters could be lurking literally everywhere without humans catching on. Probably the dumbest thing in most of those sorts of games is that the people who find out about the weird stuff in the world (often by seeing people they know personally becoming victims of supernatural forces) inevitably decide to keep it a secret. Doing so goes against both human nature (visit any "true believer" site about ghosts or monsters or conspiracies if you don't believe me) and basic common sense (by keeping the monsters a secret, you're entering into a conspiracy with the monsters that's more likely to benefit them than you). 

Anyway, the idea behind the M-Force/World of Darkness game was that a group of M-Forcers would somehow get transported to the World of Darkness and proceed to completely destroy it, in part because they would do sensible things ("As you saw on live TV yesterday, when we drug Congressman Jones out into the sunlight, he immediately burst into flames. Combined with the hidden camera video of him drinking blood and other evidence, we feel confident in our assertions that he is a vampire.") and in part because, compared to their M-Force counterparts, vampires and werewolves in the World of Darkness or incredibly easy to kill. The idea of a bunch of action heroes gleefully destroying hordes of angsty vampires is just beautiful. We finally got to play the game after years of tossing around the idea, and it was a lot of fun even though we didn't actually get around to staking a vampire on the floor of Congress. 


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RPGaDay2015, Part 8 (#27).
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