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Created on Tuesday, 10 January 2012 Written by Steve

REVERB GAMERS 2012, #10: Have you ever played a character originally from a book/TV/movie? How did the character change from the original as you played? If not, who would you most like to play? (Courtesy of Atlas Games. Visit them at

A friend of mine in high school started the DragonLance modules and I played Caramon and, I think, Sturm, but the game only ran a few session. I also played Hudson Hawk in a game called "Project Eightball" that Leighton ran while we were in college. The genre was paranormal investigation (though more Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol/Challengers of the Unknown than X-Files) and the system consisted of consulting a Magic Eightball (TM) for conflict resolution. I'm sure there have been others, but none immediately leap to mind except for Green Arrow, who I've played in various super-hero one-shots. 

Back when we first released QAGS--before we had our own settings to push--we use to do a lot of TV-based games. Off the top of my head, I can remember Scooby Doo; a View-Askewniverse game where the guy who played Darth Vader went nuts at a convention and Brodie Bruce and Silent Bob had to protect Stan Lee from death by light saber; "Project G," a game set on Gilligan's island where each character had a secret reason why they didn't want to leave the island (turns out all those attempts to flee the island failed due to sabotage); and a Dukes of Hazzard Game where the bad guy was Sir Miles from The Invisibles.  The only game from that era that we still run occasionally is The League of Kick-Ass Dudes, which is basically the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but with 80s TV action heroes. The first game of that I ran included Sam from Quantum Leap in the body of Bo Duke driving a General Lee with K.I.T.T.'s computer system. The Knight Industries truck was driven by BJ McKay, the mechanic was B.A. Baracus, and MacGuyver, Remington Steel,  and one of Charlie's Angels were Bo's teammates. A Bond-villain style Ferris Bueller was the bad guy. It was a very fun game to run.

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Reverb Gamers 2012, #10.
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