Reverb Gamers 2012, #8

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Created on Sunday, 08 January 2012 Written by Steve

REVERB GAMERS 2012, #8: What's the one gaming accessory (lucky dice, soundtrack, etc.) you just can't do without? Why? (Courtesy of Atlas Games. Visit us at

I play QAGS, so unless you count pencils and paper or candy* as "gaming accessories," the only thing you need to play is a 20-sided die. And to be honest, you can always pull numbers out of a hat (or, these days, download a die rolling app for most phones) if there's not a d20 handy. Give me some players and I'll find a way to run a game with or without supplies.

*And if there's no candy handy, you can always use "virtual Yum Yums" that are just a running total on the character sheet.

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Reverb Gamers 2012, #8.
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